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In partnership with other organizations, we fund $138,000 in collaborative fellowships.

Clinical Research Training Fellowship ($45,000)

(In partnership with the American Brain Foundation / American Academy of Neurology)
Wearable Devices and Smartphone Apps in PD
Michelle Fullard, M.D., Mentor: Alice Chen-Plotkin, M.D., University of Pennsylvania

Parkinson’s Foundation-PSG Mentored Clinical Research Award ($50,000)

(In partnership with the Parkinson Study Group)
Automated Closed-looped Algorithm to Rapidly Optimize DBS Settings for PD
Matthew Petrucci, Ph.D., Mentors: Paul Tuite, M.D., Colum MacKinnon, Ph.D., and Theoden Netoff, Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Parkinson’s Foundation-HHMI Medical Fellowship ($43,000)

(In partnership with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
Molecular and Electrophysiological Characterization of Dbx1+ GPe Neurons 
Zachary Abecassis, M.D., Mentor: C Savio Chan, Ph.D., candidate, Northwestern University, The Feinberg School of Medicine

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