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Community Grants

About Community Grants

Parkinson’s Foundation community grants further the health, wellness and education of people with Parkinson's disease (PD) across the nation. These community-based grants help fund education and outreach programs, along with local research initiatives, that address unmet needs in the Parkinson’s community. Since 2011, the Parkinson's Foundation has funded more than 338 community-based programs that make life better for people living with PD.

During this grant cycle, the Parkinson’s Foundation will award $1.5 million in community grants, ranging from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $25,000 per grant application. All Parkinson’s-related programs are eligible to apply.

Application Deadlines

The Parkinson's Foundation will announce 2020 community grant funding opportunities along with the updated Request for Application in winter 2019 on this page. 

What Type of Programs Do We Fund?

The Foundation funds programs that make an impact in local PD communities. We aim to fund programs that are scalable, sustainable and measurable. Our three focus areas include:

  1. Programs that provide a service for underserved PD communities.
  2. Initiatives that reach the newly diagnosed. 
  3. Clinical trial education and participation that reach those under-represented in the PD community.

We also support existing and pilot programs and/or address unmet needs including: 

  • Wellness and Exercise Programs (i.e., yoga, non-contact boxing, Tai Chi An ancient Chinese martial art and exercise characterized by gentle, flowing movement couple with breathing. Has been shown to improve symptoms of PD., cycling) 
  • Voice/Music/Art Therapy Programs 
  • Dance Programs 
  • Educational Symposiums 

Parkinson’s Foundation community grants are meant to reach and help people with Parkinson’s through community-based programs. Foundation grants will not support the following:

  • Capital expenses (i.e., computers, equipment) 
  • Direct individual support 
  • Indirect institutional costs (i.e., administrative fees) 
  • Travel 
  • Memberships and accreditations 

To learn more about funding opportunities read the 2019 Request for Applications (RFA)


The community grants program is open to communities nationwide. Applications will be limited to the following categories of applicants:

  • Non-profit and other tax-exempt organizations.
  • Other organizations or healthcare facilities as outlined in the 2019 RFA.

Looking to Apply?

Applications will open in late 2019. Applications must be submitted through our online grants application system. Applicants will need to create an account to submit a grant application. View the application from our last grant cycle here.

If you have any questions about the grants application process, please contact

How Community Grants Make an Impact

Every year, Parkinson’s Foundation community grants further the health, wellness and education of people with Parkinson's disease (PD) across the nation. This is how:

2017 Community Grant Recipient

Community Servings: Nutrition Program for People with PD and Their Family in Boston, MA

“We are honored to be a Parkinson’s Foundation grant recipient, which helps us provide medically tailored meals to individuals living with Parkinson's. Our 'Food is Medicine' approach will provide these clients, the majority of whom are food insecure, with convenient, healthy and medically optimized meals delivered to the doorsteps of their homes." 

-Leigh Kalbacker, Community Servings director of client and volunteer services

2016 Community Grant Recipient

InspirFit: Parkinson's Exercise Classes in Chicago, IL

“Parkinson’s Foundation funding for InspirFit helped create a Parkinson’s program that has touched the lives of almost 100 participants in just over a year. We are improving their health through fitness that carries over into every day functionality. InspirFit is just getting started!

-Nancy Timko, InspirFit owner and trainer

2015 Community Grant Recipient

Improv & PD: Improvisational Comedy Classes as a Parkinson’s Therapy in Chicago, IL

“The support we received from the Parkinson’s Foundation was very meaningful. As a junior investigator, funding for independent research is limited and few resources are available for studies of PD therapies aimed at improving quality of life. Through improvisational comedy we saw significant improvements in daily living. The Foundation has made studies like this able to emphasize a holistic approach to care and wellness a priority, which is unique.”

- Danny Bega, MD, Northwestern University Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders Center, a Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence

2015 Community Grant Recipient

Dancing for Parkinson’s in Miami, FL

“My husband and I have been attending Jeri Beaucarie’s Dance and Fitness Patient and Caregivers Class supported by the Foundation. My husband has shown dramatic improvements in many areas of mobility. When he began the class, he was only able to stand for a few minutes and ambulated only a few feet, from his wheelchair to a seat; but since attending this class he can now stand for approximately 10 minutes at a time to accomplish a chore. Thank you for funding this invaluable program.”

- Mrs. Gordon, participant

2015 Community Grant Recipient

Art Therapy Consulting and Services: Art Therapy for Parkinson’s in Miami, FL

“Through art therapy the stiffness I usually feel in my hand has not been present because I’ve had access to new materials that feel light and pleasurable. I created a drawing to remind me of a day I spent at the park surrounded by children, sounds, smells and sights that were fun and happy. These classes allow me to experiment with a new therapy and explore what I could do artistically.”

- Participant, 2015 Art Therapy Program

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