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帕金森氏症的10个征兆 / 10 Signs of Parkinson's Disease


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什么是帕金森氏症? / What is Parkinson's Disease

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你和你的家人应该知道什么 / What You and Your Family Should Know


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影片 / Videos

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关心 / Hospital Safety


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飲 食補充劑及柏金遜症 / Supplement


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10个营养秘诀 / 10 Nutrition Tips


Howard Hughes Medical Institute: HHMI Selects Outstanding Students for Medical Research Fellowships

Sixty-six exceptional medical and veterinary students are embarking on a year of research with support from HHMI. To make these fellowships a reality HHMI partners with outside organizations, including the Parkinson’s Foundation. We are committed to funding the next generation of Parkinson's researchers.

The Signal: Moving forward with Parkinson’s Disease

Kristy Pomes, the amazing Manager of Marketing Communications at the Parkinson’s Foundation, is quoted: “This is a really amazing event- We host 39 (walks) across the nation, and they are each an opportunity for people in the Parkinson’s community to come together, move, be together, be a part of the community, and funds raised help the Parkinson’s Foundation support their mission of providing expert care to more than 100 thousand people with Parkinson’s in the world, and other amazing things.”


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