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Daryl Eigen: Orange Origins and Grey Days

My journey with Parkinson’s disease (PD) started when I was a young combat Marine in the dense jungles of Vietnam. We could hear the hum of the low flying planes above the insect drone and see the long vapor trails that followed them. The planes were delivering death and illness by dispensing the herbicidal poison innocuously code named Agent Orange.

Parkinson's and Fatherhood

In honor of my cute husband, I am participating in the Moving Day® Chicago walk to benefit the National Parkinson Foundation.

Todd was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's disease about three years ago. Currently, he is feeling good and doing very well. He stretches multiple times a day, and exercises several times a week. There is no way to stop the symptoms of PD, but exercising regularly can delay many symptoms.

Speech and Swallowing

This booklet explains changes in speech, voice and swallowing that can affect people with Parkinson’s disease. Exercises for speech and voice along with advice for improved swallowing are included, along with advice on speech-language therapy and medications.


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