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Learn about application deadlines, instructions and start dates for our funding award partnerships, including the Parkinson's Foundation-American Brain Foundation (PF-ABF) Clinical Research Training Fellowship, Parkinson's Foundation-Parkinson Study Group (PF-PSG) Mentored Clinical Research Award and Parkinson's Foundation-Howard Hughes Medical Institute (PF-HHMI) Medical Fellows Initiative Program.

PF-ABF Clinical Research Training Fellowship Application Instructions, Deadlines & Start Dates


We ask applicants to submit one complete set of the following application materials online at

  • Letter of nomination from the chair of the department of neurology, including assurance of restrictions of clinical service responsibilities to no more than 20 percent of the fellow's time.
  • Three-page research plan, including brief statements of aims, background and the contemplated approaches to methodology and data. The applicant should write the research plan and it should represent original work.
  • We expect the applicant to develop a research plan based on discussion with the proposed mentor. It is appropriate for the proposed work to specifically relate to the mentor's ongoing research, but not required.
  • Current curriculum vitae.
  • Two letters of reference supporting the applicant's potential for a clinical, academic research career and qualifications for the fellowship. Letters of reference are in addition to the three-page research plan.
  • Listing of the applicant's and mentor's current and pending support, other than this fellowship, using National Institutes of Health (NIH) format.
  • Letter from proposed mentor detailing support of and commitment to the applicant and the proposed research and training plan. The letter should specifically indicate the mentor's role in the development and preparation of the applicant's research plan. We permit more than one mentor. Designate one primary mentor to responsible for administrative issues. The letter should include:
    • How the proposed research fits into the mentor's research program;
    • Ability and experience in proposed research and the nature of the mentor's proposed time commitment to the supervision and training of the applicant;
    • Mentor's prior experience in the supervision, training, and successful mentoring of clinician scientists;
    • Potential for applicant's future research career and comparison of applicant amongst other residents. 
  • Proposed mentor's NIH biosketch.
  • Document describing arrangements for formal course work including: quantitative clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, study design, data analysis and ethics.

Review & Decisions

We offer this award every two years. Members of the Research Program Workgroup, Clinical Research Subcommittee, Translational Neuroscience Subcommittee and various ad-hoc reviewers evaluate applications based on the following criteria:

  • Applicant's ability and promise as a clinician-scientist based on prior record of achievement and career plan, letters of reference and curriculum vitae (30 percent).
  • Quality and nature of the proposed training and the institutional, departmental and mentor-specific training environment (30 percent).
  • Quality and originality of the research plan (40 percent).

We forward evaluations to the American Brain Foundation Research Council for final award determination. Funding begins within 30 days after executing a signed agreement with the ABF and the recipient's institution.

Reporting Requirements

An annual progress report is due in May of the first year. Renewal of the award in year two is contingent upon presentation of a satisfactory progress report. Additionally, a final research report and a final expenditure report are due within 60 days following the close of the grant term. The institution must prepare the final expenditure report.

Apply Now via ABF Website

PF-PSG Mentored Clinical Research Award Application Instructions & Deadlines


Please browse current grant deadlines here.  Please note that this is a collaborative fellowship and for this program, applicants cannot use the Parkinson's Foundation online grant management system. Instead, applicants should submit an electronic copy of the proposal in Microsoft Word of .pdf format to the Parkinson Study Group to with a cover note that includes the candidate's name and the title of proposal.

Proposals should be hypothesis driven and amenable to completion in a one-year time period. Direct the proposal toward patient-oriented research in Parkinson's disease or related parkinsonian disorders.

All applications for this fellowship should include the following elements:

  • The focus of the proposal must relate to an area of importance in the field. The research plan should address unmet needs of people living with PD, have the potential for broad application among the PD community, and lead to advances in clinically relevant treatment options;
  • A research proposal (five pages in length) including an abstract, specific aims, background and significance, preliminary studies and experimental designs and methods;
  • A clear description of the educational plan to aid the candidate's appropriate research methodology development under the mentor's direction;
  • A statement of the qualification of the mentor(s) to guide the research program.

Proposals requirements:

  • An electronic copy of the proposal in Microsoft Word or PDF format;
  • The candidate should format the proposal according to the guidelines indicated on the PSG website.
  • The research plan itself should not exceed five pages. The candidate should also include a four-page NIH-style biosketch and other support statement for both the applicant and the mentor(s);
  • The proposal should include a statement from the mentor(s) including information on research qualifications. The statement should include the nature of the supervision that will occur during the award period and an agreement to provide mentorship to the candidate for the award period. The mentor must include information on what skills they plan to teach the mentee and how previous fellows they mentored are contributing to Parkinson's research (if applicable);
  • We require a budget and brief budget justification for all funds requested.  We will not fund indirect costs;
  • The funding request should not exceed $50,000;
  • Clinical research proposals need not be pre-approved by institutional review board, but should include a Human Studies section that addresses concerns pertaining to risk, benefit and consent (not included in the five-page limit);
  • Revised applications should include an Introduction of not more than one page that describes how the applicant has responded to the reviewers' criticisms.

Review & Decisions

Proposals received within the specified time frame are reviewed by the PSG Mentoring Committee. We notify applicants of the results in March. Funding will begin on July 1 and continue until June 30.

Reporting Requirements

We require successful applicants to submit a short, written progress summary at six months and at one year after funding, and to attend the annual PSG meeting to present the results of the research done during their fellowship year. PSG will support the meeting expense separately from the grant award.

PF-HHMI Medical Fellows Initiative Program Application Instructions & Deadlines


Please browse current grant deadlines here. Applications should be submitted via the HHMI website to be considered for funding. Please note, applicants do not apply through the Parkinson's Foundation grant portal. Be sure to browse application requirements.

We notify applicants in mid-March of the results. Students may begin their fellowship year between May 1 and September 1.

Reporting Requirements

The HHMI Medical Fellows Program requires successful applicants to submit progress reports.

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