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CCUs & Stipend

Physical therapy faculty who complete all requirements of the Physical Therapy Faculty Program, including an independent project within six months will be eligible for 39-41 Continuing Competence Units (CCUs) and a $2,000 stipend.


FSBPT awarded the Continuing Competence Units (CCUs) in certification to this activity. CCUs represent an activity’s value based on its evaluation against a rigorous and comprehensive set of standards. CCUs are determined by a value applied to many factors including, but not limited to, duration of the activity. CCUs do not correlate to time (e.g. hours).


Participants receive a $2,000 stipend after completing all requirements, including an independent project. The program includes the independent project as a requirement to provide faculty with opportunities for self-directed learning and to contribute to a topic of their own interest to the field. The topic should be related to physical therapy education on Parkinson’s and/or care for people with Parkinson’s and their families. The program director and experts at the host sites will discuss projects with faculty and guide/mentor as needed.

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