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July - Wellness Partner Spotlight

The Nelson Wellness Center by Knute Nelson offers two state-of-the-art facilities in Alexandria, MN, designed for older adults. These wellness facilities offer membership for community members 45+ and serve residents of Knute Nelson’s senior living communities, Grand Arbor and Nelson Gables. The Nelson Wellness Center is committed to providing programming that encourages active aging.


One of the specialized programs that the Nelson Wellness Center offers is NeuroFit®, a wellness program designed for individuals with neurological movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Neurofit® began at the Nelson Wellness Center in 2007 with a class of 8 participants and has grown to serving over 40 participants with Parkinson’s disease on a regular basis.

NeuroFit® helps participants be proactive in symptom management and slowing disease progression. Neurofit® programming focuses on:

• Self-awareness and conscious muscle control

• Peer support

• Manage stress

• Balance and gait stability

• Voice power enhancement

• Flexibility and strength

• Neural pathway exercises

• Mindful movement

• Fall reduction and recovery

• Movement strategies

• Improved quality of living


Neurofit is offered every day at 1 pm at the Nelson Wellness Center at Grand Arbor but the frequency in which a participant may attend can vary. The Neurofit® Challenge class meets 3x/week and the Neurofit® Lifestyles class meets 2x/week. Class participants are assessed in advance of starting the Neurofit® program and are placed in the appropriate class based on their individual goals and abilities.


As the Nelson Wellness Center seeks to enhance their work with individuals with Parkinson’s disease, they’ll be expanding their specialized programming to include Rock Steady Boxing. Rock Steady Boxing is a non-contact boxing based fitness program designed to improve the quality of life for those with Parkinson's disease. The Nelson Wellness Center currently has two Rock Steady Boxing certified trainers and will begin this new program in August of 2018.


Learn more about the Nelson Wellness Center at or by calling (320)759-4613.

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