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NPF ResourceIndicates National Parkinson Foundation Resource

Medicamentos para la Enfermedad de Parkinson
NPF Publication - Medicine

Glutathione Fails to Symptomatically Improve Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms in a Recently Published Trial

Fitness Counts
NPF Publication - Exercise
This booklet contains descriptions and explanations of specific exercises that can help to maintain flexibility, strength and aerobic conditioning. Photographs and drawings of these exercises are included...

La Importancia de la Nutricion
NPF Publication - Nutrition and Digestion
Educational manual about Nutrition and PD in Spanish.

Mind, Mood and Memory
NPF Publication - Memory
Mental and emotional health issues, cognitive changes, sleep disturbances, dementia, and psychosis are discussed. Includes chapter on mental health issues for caregivers. 96 pages.

Lo Que usted y Su Familia Deben Saber
NPF Publication - Living with Parkinson's

Consejos Practicos
NPF Publication - PD 101

NPF Guide to Planned Giving
NPF Publication - Living with Parkinson's

Manejo de la Enfermedad de Parkinson en su Etapa Avanzada
NPF Publication - Living with Parkinson's

Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation
NPF Publication - Deep Brain Stimulation
Detailed description of DBS surgical procedure, including pre- and post- surgical care. Discussion of pros and cons, including which persons with Parkinson disease might have optimal response to DBS....

Your search produced approximately 90 results (displaying 1-10)