2009 Centers Leadership Conference Presentations

To foster a stimulating exchange of ideas, and to keep each other up-to-date on the latest research findings and projects ongoing at Centers of Excellence, physicians and center leaders displayed scientific posters at the December 2009 Center Leadership Conference in Miami Beach. In this interactive forum, a worthy project or a good idea in one center can lead to further development and related projects around the country, and the world.

Download PDF versions of the posters here:

ParkNET Northwest Rural Outreach Update
Lisa Mann, RN, Julie Carter, ANP, Jeff Kraakevik, MD
Aimee Mooney, SLP, Jenny Wilhelm, PT, Amy Fielder, OT
Oregon Health & Science University Parkinson Center of Oregon

Parkinson's Disease Training Across the Continuum of Care: A Collaborative Model
Diane Breslow MSW LCSW, Ron Benner RN, Rebecca Berman PhD,Emily Borushko MPH, Madelyn Iris PhD,Carrie Robinson RN MA,Herbert Sier MD, Tanya Simuni MD, & Santiago D. Toledo MD
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Are Parkinson’s Patients Safe to Drive? How Can the Clinician Decide?
Margaret G. O’Connor and Lissa R. Kapust
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Boston Massachusetts

The National Deep Brain Stimulation Brain Tissue Network (DBS-BTN):Preliminary Results: A Call For More Tissue And For More Standardization
Vedam-Mai, V., Krock N., Ullman, M., Shain W, Smith, K,
Yachnis, A.T., Steindler, D., Reynolds, B., Merritt, S, Pagan, F.,
Marjama-Lyons, J, Hogarth, P, Resnick A, Okun M.S.
University of Florida Movement Disorders Center

Gait and Balance Initiative (GABI): Results of Falls Diary, Gender and Measures of Anxiety, Balance Confidence and Balance
Sotirios A. Parashos, Catherine L. Wielinski, Cordelia Erickson Davis, Rosemary L. Wichmann,, Sarah Lenarz,, Martha A.Nance, Sara Ritcher
Struthers Parkinson Center

Phenotype associated with LRRK2 mutations – Motor and Non-Motor Features
Features C. Marras, B. Schuele, R.P. Munhoz, E. Rogaeva, J.W. Langston, P. Wadia, S-Y. Lim, R.Chuang, C. Zadikoff, T. Steeves, K.M. Prakash, R.M.A. de Bie, G. Adeli, T. Thomsen, K. Johansen, H.A. Teive and A.E. Lang.
University of Toronto

Bilateral GPI DBS for Off Dystonias and on Dyskinesias in Juvenile PD
Z. Mari, R. Von Coelln, P. Dash, F. Lenz, L. Marsh
Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine

Hospice and Parkinson’s Disease: Interdisciplinary Work Group
S. Reichwein, BSW, L. Bunting-Perry, RN, PhD(c), A. Colcher, MD,J. Straton, MD1 & J. Savon, RN, MS, CHPN
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia VAMC PADRECC

A Sneak Peak at the Development and Validation of a New PD Psychosis Scale: A Collaboration Between the MDS and 10 NPF Centers of Excellence
HH Fernandez on behalf of the PD Psychosis Scale Study Group University of Florida, Dept. of Neurology, Gainesville, FL
University of Florida Movement Disorders Center

Perisaccadic Gamma Modulation in Parkinson Disease Patients and Healthy Subjects
M Javaid, A Gulati, S. Glazman, I. Bodis-Wollner.
Department of Neurology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY.

A Unique Model of Outpatient Healthcare Delivery for Patients with Parkinson's Disease
Hartley GW, Obispo M, Bencomo N, Camilo, Dumenigo G, Moorman E, Russell A, and Singer C.

Outreach to Africa: Utilizing an NPF Model of Videoconferencing to Provide Parkinson’s Care to Africa
M Guttman MD, FRCPC, Jonathan Carr MD, FCP(SA)

Relationship of Patient-Specific Models of Deep Brain Stimulation to Verbal Fluency Performance with Parkinson's Disease
A. Mikos, A. Noecker, A. Chaturvedi, M. Won, D. Bowers, K.D. Foote, C.C. McIntyre, M.S. Okun

Non-cardiac Surgery, Cognitive Decline, and PD:
A "Proof of Principle" Study

Catherine C. Price, PhD, Jade Ward, BS, Michael Okun, MD, Hubert Fernandez, MD, Irene Malaty, MD, Peter Gearen, MD

Why Dance for Parkinson's Disease?
Olie Westheimer, MA, John Heginbotham, David Leventhal and Misty Owens.

An Open-Label Study of the Wii™ in Parkinson’s Disease
NB Herz, C Carter, N Muchnick, M Knight, J Shew, B Robinson, P Jackson, SH Mehta, KD Sethi, JC Morgan.

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