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Our Battle with Parkinson's

Our Battle with Parkinson

Sharon Yennie

My Husband, Scott, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease when he was only 40 years old and we were a newly engaged couple.  After leaving the doctor's office that day, Scott turned to me and said, "I won't blame you if you want to turn around and leave right now - You didn't sign on for this."  I looked at him with tears streaming down my face and replied, "I'm here and I'm staying!"  Scott and I have been together 12 years (married for 10) and we're still battling with Parkinson's disease (him as the patient and me as the caregiver).  Scott not only has Parkinson's disease, but he also has Lewy Bodies, which throws him into bouts with dementia once a year (for the last 4 years now).  Each time the symptoms get a little worse (paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, acting child-like, and unable to complete daily tasks) and more burdens are put upon me, but what bothers me the most is watching him loose all his dignity and independence, as he is now only 51 years old.  Even through all of this our battle with Parkinson's continues with the hope that someday there will be a cure and we can stop the madness. 

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