Living Room Safety Tips

Since the living room is a common place to relax and entertain friends it is important that it be a safe environment. The following are a few suggestions on how to safety-proof your living room if you or someone you love is living with PD.

Did you know older adults require two-to-three times more lighting than younger adults?

  • All furniture is secure, sturdy and does not swivel.
  • Adequate lighting for reading to minimize eye-strain.
  • Adequate space to move around furniture
  • Adjustable blinds or shades to regulate glare.
  • All pathways and walkways are free of clutter including throw rugs to minimize the risk of falling.
  • All cords including, but not limited to, phone cords and extension cords are out of the flow of foot traffic.
  • Install a smoke alarm to alert you of fire danger.

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