Bedroom Safety Tips

Your bedroom is your safe haven. The following suggestions can help ensure that you stay safe in your bedroom.

Bed is appropriate height

  • Make sure your bed is easy to get in and out of in terms of height.
  • The average height is 22 inches.

Bedside commode or urinal

  • Consider purchasing a bedside commode or urinal if the bathroom is not close to your bedroom.

Clothing is accessible

  • Clothing rods should be at a height that is easy to reach.
  • Install lighting in the closet.
  • Make sure to store clothing in dressers that will allow access without stooping or bending.

Edges of carpet and rugs are secure

  • Carpets and rugs should be smooth so as to create a safe walking surface and minimize falls.

Flashlight by bedside

  • Keep a flashlight by your bedside in case of a power outage or in the event you need to go where a nightlight is not available.

Lamps or light switches are near bed

  • Lamps should be where they can be easily turned on/off so that you don’t need to walk around in the room in the dark.


  • Using a nightlight in your bedroom to light your way from the bedroom to the bathroom is particularly important, as many patients with PD have to get up frequently at night.

Smoke Alarm

  • Install a smoke alarm to alert you of fire danger.

Telephone/Clock by bedside

  • Keep a telephone and clock by your bedside to avoid having to get out of bed, thus minimizing your chances of falling — especially during the night.

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