Caregiver Stress Inventory

Complete this self-assessment page to evaluate the level of stress and isolation in your current caregiving situation, and identify simple steps to begin taking better care of you.

The most stressful thing about caring for someone with a chronic illness like PD is:

The single most irritating thing is:

The most rewarding thing is:

Answer the following questions “yes” or “no”:

  • Do you get six hours of uninterrupted sleep most nights?
  • Have you set aside a period of time alone every day?
  • Is there someone you could/would phone if a problem arose any time day or night?
  • Is there someone in your circle of family or friends who would give or loan you money in case of financial hardship?
  • Does at least one other person fully understand the day-to-day trials you experience?
  • Do you take regular planned breaks and mini-holidays away from caregiving responsibilities?

Your Caregiving Action Plan:

Two steps I will take in the next month to simplify my schedule or
add joy to my life:

1. ____________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________


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