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Join NPF Announces Three Novel Parkinson’s Research Projects
NPF Centers of Excellence

NPF is proud to announce funding for three new research projects at NPF Centers of Excellence in Chicago, Israel and the Netherlands. NPF is funding research to improve the quality of care in Parkinson's in three key areas: preventing PD in those at risk, tracking "freezing" with a smartphone app, and helping ensure that care focuses on patients' interests.
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Learn Join Team Hope at the 2012 ING Miami Marathon & Half-Marathon!
Join Team Hope at the 2012 ING Miami Marathon & Half Marathon!

Join us at the ING Miami Marathon & Half Marathon on January 29, 2012 as we race to improve the quality of care for people living with Parkinson's today. Make your personal achievement of running a long-distance race even more memorable by helping those who live with PD. NPF will help you build a personal web page to help you meet your fundraising goals and share your progress with friends and family.
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Live Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

NPF has launched an outreach campaign to educate the Hispanic community about the early warning signs of PD. In addition to its bilingual, toll-free Parkinson's Helpline, 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636), NPF is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by distributing a new Spanish version of the popular 10 Early Warning Signs of PD brochure and adding a new Spanish section to Help us spread the word about these great resources!
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Give Help Shape the Future of Parkinson’s Care

Help shape the future of Parkinson's Care

By including a gift to NPF in your overall estate and financial plans, you can provide your estate with considerable tax benefits and help the next generation fight PD. Estate planning is an effective way to take care of yourself, the people you love and charities, such as NPF, that you are passionate about. Learn more about the many ways you can include NPF in your financial plans.
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