Clinical Care Network

The NPF network joins people affected by Parkinson’s disease with leading centers for care and treatment worldwide.  Our centers feature Parkinson’s specialists at top medical institutions, chosen by their peers, who are leading the way to advance Parkinson’s care both through new discovery research and through understanding, identifying, and teaching the management strategies that deliver the best results for patients.  Through its 50-plus year history, NPF has built a network of people spearheading the fight against Parkinson’s disease that a leading medical journal described as having “achieved world class standing.”  Throughout this network researchers work on the next breakthrough in new treatments and ultimately, a cure for Parkinson’s disease, and front-line clinicians deliver high-quality care to thousands of patients.

Yet, key challenges currently prevent every patient from accessing state-of-the-art care. These challenges include:

  • lack of timely diagnosis, particularly in underserved, rural or socioeconomically disadvantaged communities;
  • under-recognition of non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s, especially by primary care physicians and non-neurologists,
  • lack of awareness of related conditions (co-morbidities) among the Parkinson’s patient population; and
  • limited understanding of the comparative effectiveness of various treatments.

For these reasons, NPF is working to bridge the gap to fulfill the mission of helping every patient with Parkinson's obtain "best practices" care.

Throughout our community of clinical practice, NPF provides professionals with:

  • Diagnostic tools for community physicians, many of whom see few Parkinson’s patients.
  • Information in multiple languages, to help patients and doctors talk to each other.
  • Best Practices consensus papers on relevant topics to elevate clinical decision-making.
  • Allied Team Training for Parkinson (ATTP), a signature program to help teams of health care professionals learn about Parkinson’s and how to work in a coordinated fashion to help address patient issues.
  • In addition, NPF also focuses on providing a full array of up-to-date educational materials for patients and their families to help them better manage this chronic degenerative disease.

Centers of Excellence

Each center must meet rigorous criteria for research, comprehensive care delivery, professional education and patient outreach services.

Care Centers

NPF care centers represent a vibrant collaboration of health care professionals dedicated to improving care delivery throughout their communities through shared development and implementation of best care practices.

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