Tool for the Recently Diagnosed

If you have been recently diagnosed with Parkinson's, you are not alone. Connect with us and receive information written by people with Parkinson's who understand your challenges. We are here to empower you by giving you the tools you need to lead a healthier, more independent life.

That's why the National Parkinson Foundation created First Connect My Page.

First Connect My Page features information tailored to your concerns:

  • How and when to share your diagnosis
  • Support on coping with depression and anxiety
  • How your relationships might change
  • Why you should keep moving

Signing up for First Connect My Page is easy! Just complete these three simple steps:


About the First Connect My Page authors

Jackie Hunt Christensen is a Minneapolis-based health and environmental activist, author and artist and wife and mother who also happens to have Parkinson’s disease. Diagnosed in July 1998 at the age of 34, she has since been an advocate for the cause in various roles, including National Parkinson Foundation Minnesota Board volunteer, state director for Parkinson’s Action Network, and coordinator of the first National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) Young-Onset Parkinson Network (YOPN) conference. She enjoys advocating, writing and speaking about her experience living with Parkinson’s disease; environmental links to Parkinson’s; better clinician PD education in hospital settings; PD’s effects on communication and relationships; and pain.

Jackie believes that her Parkinson’s disease has brought her family closer and made her sons into the helpful, compassionate, tolerant men they are today.

Karl Robb started experiencing Parkinson's symptoms at the age of 17 and was diagnosed when he was 23. Now in his forties, he is a Parkinson's advocate, an entrepreneur, an inventor, a writer, a speaker on PD issues, a photographer, and a Reiki master.

He has been featured on BBC radio, CBS News, the New York Post, Japanese television, as well as major DC television stations about PD issues. Karl, with his wife, Angela, received the 2007 Murray Charters award for outstanding advocacy. Karl and Angela run a Parkinson’s support group in Northern Virginia.

First Connect My Page is made possible through the generous support of Medtronic Philanthropy and thousands of people with Parkinson's and their families.

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First Connect My Page for the Newly Diagnosed

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