Workplace Gifts

Workplace giving programs provide an easy way to join the National Parkinson Foundation in our unwavering commitment to improving the care and the lives of persons living with Parkinson’s disease. Simply sign up for your employer’s workplace giving campaign and use automatic payroll deductions to make your donation to NPF. In most campaigns, National Parkinson Foundation can be found listed under Community Health Charities.

State/Local Public Sector Campaigns
NPF is a proud partner of Community Health Charities (CHC). CHC represents our nation’s most trusted health-related charities in workplace giving campaigns nationwide. Look for the Foundation listed under CHC in public and private sector campaigns. You can also find NPF on the designation lists for your state, city, county or school employee giving campaigns. For more information, ask your program administrator.

Corporate Employee Gift Programs
If your employer offers an independent campaign, ask your program administrator how to designate your gift to the National Parkinson Foundation.

Corporate matching gifts are an easy way to increase the impact of your contributions to the National Parkinson Foundation. More than 7,500 U.S. corporations match gifts made by employees, officers, directors, and in some cases, spouses/partners and retired employees, officers or directors. By taking advantage of a company's matching gift program, you can generate an additional gift that may automatically double or triple your own contribution.

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