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To my grandfather, Richard A. Bejlovec Sr.: My grandpa recently lost his battle with Parkinson's Disease on January 10, 2013. Parkinson's was something he had been battling for 12 years until it finally led into dementia. Grandpa, you will be remembered for the little things that made you happy; gardening, golfing, and your trips with your best friends. Those are the memories we will remember you by, and it is a wonderful feeling knowing you are now at peace and no longer suffering. You are finally able to do everything that made you happy without any obstacles. So happy grandparents day grandpa, and may you continue to rest in peace. I love and miss you. Love, Breea.


Our Papa , Ken Olson, has had Parkinson's for over twenty years. He has always faced his challenge with a positive attitude and a sense of humor. Our Papa is an amazing teacher, coach, friend, husband, father, and the best papa ever. We love you!! Kenny and Grayce

to my dad, we love you so much. you are the best grandpa to my little girl. thankful for every day we have you in our lives.

A picture in honor of my father-in-law, Donald J. Mayer with my daughter, Tara Mayer, appears in the slideshow on this page. My father-in-law was diagnosed with parkinsons disease a number of years ago. He has good days and bad days, but seldom complains of his illness.

We may not know how sick Papaw is but we know he is here now and loves us. Seth and Eden Pack.

Due to a language barrier, I was unable to talk to my grandmother. Nevertheless, she was determined not to let this disease hinder her lifestyle. I remember being amazed and watched in awe how easily she would pour an open pot of boiling water into a small tea cup for my mother. She had managed to time the waves of water caused by her trembling hands to accurately and precisely make it into each and every cup without spilling a drop. Gardening for food to serve to her family was a passion until her death. This was a generation of survival of the fittest and that she did regardless of the effects of this disease.

To Philip Ainsworth, from Sharon Maness:
I am submitting this in honor on my brother Philip Ainsworth, he has had Parkinson's for a number of years, he and his wife Pacita are in healthcare center in California, hopefully they won't have to stay there long, she fell and broke her femur, thus having surgery, they both had to go to the home. My brother had just had a pacemaker and defibulator implanted in his chest. They are 2 very brave soles, and I wish them both a speedy recovery, I have seen the tole that Parkinson's has played in his life. God Bless them both. They have been married for 51 years. Love you lots!

To Grandpa Bud, from Cristin:
I would like to honor my Grandpa Bud. He was truly an amazing man, war hero, husband, father to 9 and grandfather to 17. His strength during his long battle with Parkinson's disease inspired my career choice. I am lucky enough to work with the University of Florida's Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration. Each day I meet people who remind me of my grandpa and bring a smile to my face. Thank you Grandpa Bud for being the man you were and leaving us all with such fond memories. The family misses you and loves you.

 My grandfather, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease since 1991 and I at my wedding dancing. We had a blast "dancing" even while he was in his wheelchair!

To Johnnie Lamkin, from her granddaughter Megan Conyers:
My grandmother, Johnnie Lamkin, was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2005. While the journey has been far from easy, she never ceases to be an example of dedication and determination. She recently celebrated 60 years of marriage to my grandfather, Bob, and is just as beautiful as ever!

 Our Grandfather - PopPop- has been battling Parkinson's for a few years now. He is cared with tender and loving care, every hour of every day, by his wife, and nurse, and our Grandmother - MeMe- who is kindness and patience knows no bounds. Although we have tried to provide a nursing assistant so she can leave the house for a few hours, she refuses to leave his side. Their love and tenacity through Parkinson’s has left their family much to aspire to.

My husband has Parkinson's and every day I see a Hero... along with diabetes, partial paralysis, and PTSD, he never gives up or quits at nothing. One day I pray there will be no disease of this nature... I love you my husband, friend, hero and strong person!

To Rhea Walker, from her granddaughter Linda Giorgilli Rice:
My maternal grandmother was so sweet. She adored her family. She was good at everything. She taught us to enjoy reading, fine art and music, and told us fun stories. She was a great cook, loved to sew, read and had an imagination that never failed to entertain us. She got a Parkinson's Plus disease and moved in with us. She eventually lost her ability to walk and to talk, but never lost the love in her eyes. My father, who would later get Parkinson's and who I would care for, took care of her with my mom. I can't imagine how she felt as her body began to fail her. She taught me what love was about and it was never about selfishness, but how to give. Love to my grandmother, Rhea

 Christopher David Clark, passed on July 7, 2012. A breath of sunshine to everyone whose life he touched. Infecious smile and the gift of "DANCE" he left us as a lasting memory. Chris gave better than he received in this life. He shared a birthday message with me that was full of the purest honesty and love which I shall cherish forever. He was a teacher of many things, most of all humility and kindness. So full of zest for life it is near impossible to deal with the reality that this wonderful spirit has been silenced as we have known him here on earth. But his teaching, love, kind and giving spirit will live on in the legacy of his children and family. We love you Chris forever. LOVE NEVER DIES!!!

To Grandpa Rey, from his granddaughter Netanya:
My name is Netanya. I am 8 years old. This picture is with my Grandpa Rey. He has Parkinson's Disease. I don't like seeing him in pain. I help him everyday. I love my Grandpa Rey. I want a cure for him.

Grandpa Tom and Spencer - best buddies! Playing tennis, swimming, hiking, reading and playing together.

My grandfather had Parkinson's from 1980- until his death in 1987. Since I was younger I did not know much about the disease until later on and still am far from being an expert, but he struggled with it and as it got progressively worse , it was very sad to watch a man who was a great person and businessman be effected by such a debilitating disease. Everyone in my family loved and cared for him very much and he lives on in our hearts and memory. RIP Abraham Goldberg

My dad, my hero. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 8 yrs ago. In spite of a massive heart attack within the past year and falling just last week resulting in a broken hip, he continues to fight. I love you daddy <3

Miss you Dad!

Wanda Hein is my dearest friend, my confidant, my constant supporter as well as my mother. Through some pretty serious ups and downs in my life I could always count on mom to be in my corner. She is the mom every other kid wanted. She has dealt with a lot and you almost never hear her complain. And now that her Parkinson’s is getting more advanced, I hope that I, along with my sisters and her grandchildren, can be the support she needs and deserves.

My Pop-Pop has Parkinson's. I love him and miss him if he's at the doctor in New York City. I know that he has trouble walking but he won't anymore because he's going to the doctor. I like to play and draw and do everything in the world with him. I wish he didn't have to get Parkinson's. Love, Madison (4.5 years old)

 My Nana was my hero she fought a strong fight against PD! She set an example on how to fight and be strong. I love and miss here with all my heart. I will never let you or your fight be forgotten!!! I love you Nana

 I was blessed with 4 loving and caring grandparents. I have a special bond with one of them. My grandma Verna died with Parkinsons and Alzheimers. As I live with young onset, I think of her and miss her everyday. Love and miss them all.

Here's to a very special husband, father and grandpa loved by so many and still living in our hearts. BILLY LLOYD LANE, SR. 1934-2011

To My Dad: You've been a wonderful loving dad to me & a Poppy to Ethan & Riley. We love seeing the joy on your face when you see them. Things haven't been easy on you, there are alot of changes in your life. But one thing will always be we will always be by your side to help you. We love you!!!!

I dedicate this tribute to my wonderful loving grandfather, Gerald Ferington. Parkinson's has caused him to go from a strong and independent man to one who is now saddened and now has physical limitations. Do not get discouraged, I know each day is hard and its only going to get hard but our family is strong and we will make the best of everything! Thank you for always being a wonderful role model, supporter and provider for the family! I love you more than words can say!!!

My father has been recently diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I am an only child, he lives in AZ, I live in TX with my husband and two children. It is hard for me to see him aging, but now with the recent diagnosis, it is that much harder. I think of him every day, call as often as I can and pray to God he takes care of himself. I pray he does all he is suppose to do and not worry about anything or anyone else but himself. I wish there was a run or walk here in Houston or The Woodlands (where I live) to benefit Parkinson's and help raise much needed funds for research.

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