Father's Day Tribute Wall

These tributes are in honor of fathers and grandfathers who have been touched by Parkinson's disease. If you would like to share a tribute, please visit http://www.parkinson.org/tributewall.

To Allen Ikeda, from his daughter Lisa Ikeda Bain:
My dad, Allen Ikeda, has tackled life with Parkinson's the same way he tackled every other challenge head on. He continues to be my hero and inspiration, and the reason I became a Parkinson's advocate. Love you Dad!

My father was my hero. He built our brick home starting with digging out the basement by hand in the evenings, after working all day as a carpenter. Such a strong father physically and spiritually. He lived using Jesus as his example. He carried himself with a positive attitude as he worked through Parkinson's disease. Married 69 years to his HS sweetheart. Raising 3 children who made him proud that all accomplished college and had successful careers. He lived each day with no complaints, just a smile on his face and joy in his heart. He lived 91 years. I love you Daddy.

I am the fifth child of six children in my family and the youngest girl, so, of course always a Daddy's girl and still am today. My Dad was known for always being able to fix anything. We never had tons of money, so he was always creative when it came to fixing things or just making sure that there was food on the table, etc. Now that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's, it's so hard to see this vibrant man not be able to do the things he used to do. I can see the frustration in his faces and the sadness in his eyes. I spend as much quality time with my Dad, to include walks or going to garage sales. He loves the little things in life and he has taught me this throughout my life. I remember the moment that he was the most proud of me and that was the day I graduated from Boot Camp from the Army. He was smiling from ear to ear. This year, we joined in the Moving Day Walk in Minneapolis, MN and my Dad was so excited in the amount of people that were active in this cause. We raised $820 for "Team Johnson" and had 11 walkers. Next year, we hope to exceed that total. I am a Daddy's Girl and very proud to say that I am his daughter.

Dear Grandpa Fred, Thank you for always including us in your life. Thank you for making us feel safe and for taking the time to make us feel like we are special and important people. No one could ask for a better father, stepfather, grandpa or friend. Everyday, you are courageous and exemplify how people ought to be. WE LOVE YOU! Happy Father's Day! Your kids and grandkids

To my wonderful father who is an even better grandfather! Here is a beautiful pic of my dad and my boys playing checkers!

From Fernando Leon Jr. to his father:
This tribute is to my father, who is suffering with Parkinson's for 16 years, he is 65 years old now. He has good days and bad days (for the most part his days are bad). He is currently living in Peru, what is the country where I coming from. As his only child, it breaks my heart thinking of how hard is for him to achieve what is so easy and simple for anybody to do in a heartbeat. But there is something that makes me feel very proud of my father, he never says I can't. I clearly remember seen my father as a very strong man. I know that he still strong inside. I love you dad.

My father, the man that worked long hours to take care of my mother, sisters and myself. He was the strength in the work world as my mother was the strength of our home. My mom was diagnosed in 2003 with Parkinson's and my father never blinked an eye when it came to taking care of her. He was the king in our home. My mother was the queen. It's funny how the roles changed. My father taking care of my mother until the day she passed in 2004. I wish I could take the pain from him, but I can't. I love him for all that he has done for us. He is and always will be my hero. Happy Father's Day Dad, I promise it will get better. Tammy

My dad is great! He teaches me mechanics and wood working. Him being diagnosed with Parkinson's has brought us closer because now we work in the yard together and everything. He's got bad days and still is willing to work with me and that's not easy. I'm so thankful for my dad!

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad in the world! Parkinson's disease may have taken your body but sure hasn't touched your spirit or your spunk! You've suffered so much with this and as you reach 20 years having the disease I wish you peace soon. Love you forever and back!

Happy father day to the best shaky Dad ever, My husband. He's so amazing, even though most of his days are "bad" days he still gets up forcing his feet to move to help get our three young kids ready for school. He has adjusted their play time from running around (something he can no longer do) to playing trains on the bed and making rocket ships out of legos. My kids are so incredibly lucky to call him Dad, and I'll be forever grateful to call him my husband. Love you Roger.

To William Alden Holeman, from his daughter Shirley Holeman Hernandez:
Memorial letter for dad, who passed away March 14, 2012. As you all know, my dad had Parkinson’s, and also dementia in his later years. I want to talk about his life with Parkinson’s, (PD). My dad was my hero. Dad didn’t let his PD keep him down. He always had a bright outlook on life. He wanted to participate in everything with his family and friends. He loved golfing, traveling, and fishing. Dad did all of these activities for many years, even after he was diagnosed with PD. About 4 years ago, dad couldn’t drive anymore, so my parents moved in with me and Joe. We heard about the local Parkinson’s group and different activities they provided. Dad always loved to sing. He had a sense of humor, and always made up his own songs about everything. We would laugh at his funny songs all the time. When we heard about the Parkinson’s Tremble Clefs singing group, we joined in on the weekly singing sessions. Dad looked forward to singing old familiar songs. He was usually sleeping when we he went in, but as soon as he heard the piano play, he would start singing his heart out! We loved watching him and listening to him sing, like an old pro. Dad’s favorite old song was “Let me call you sweetheart”. He sang this special song at home to my mom, almost every night. It was “their song”. I can still hear dad singing to mom and looking at her with such love in their eyes. Dad also loved to dance. A well-kept secret: Dad met my mom at a dance in her hometown, Leutershausen, Germany. He kept going to visit her at the dances and fell in love while dancing. We started going to the Parkinson’s Dance sessions, and enjoyed the music and dance. Dad would dance his heart out, just like he did with his singing. Even when he wasn’t able to dance standing up, he would sit and watch us and clap and move his feet with the music. Dad always had a smile on his face, no matter how he felt. He would always be friendly to everyone. Dad was an inspiration to many people with Parkinson’s. He inspired me to be strong and live a full and happy life. Dad fought a courageous battle with PD. All through the years, my mom and dad’s love and dedication to each other grew stronger. Their dedication didn’t end, until dad’s very last breath, when they kissed and said “I love you”. I’m happy for you, dad, because I know you are singing and dancing with family and friends, and you are my special angel. I love you, dad! Love from “Babe”

Glen W Thornton 1929-2003... My father was one of the most amazing and intelligent men I have ever known. He was a rather quiet man, he always had the right solution to any problem. I loved him so much and I miss him dearly. He fought the Parkinson's fight for 13 years before it took him down. He was a very stubborn man; he wouldn't let anyone help him with the simple things. It may have taken him 15 minutes to buckle his belt... he was gonna do it himself. That stubbornness is one of the things I believe kept him going as long as he did. It killed me to see a man that used to climb telephone poles and plant a garden every year... not a small one either. Be able to do all those things to a man so weak and confused. I know there is a cure out there but of course it takes time and lots of research and money. It's sickening to know that we have a cure but the pharmaceutical companies that control the money along with the government will not allow this cure to be perfected due to "religious views". Let's keep fighting for the cure one day we will have it!!!!! I love you Daddy!!!!!!

This is a picture of true love, my loving parents going on 39 years. Words can’t describe how much my daddy means to me. He is loving, caring, intelligent and so, so stubborn (that he has passed on to his children and grandchildren). He was diagnose with Parkinson's disease at the age of 43 he will be 62 July 9th everyday is a blessing to watch his strength. My daddy is a survivor of Parkinson’s disease; he is surviving we are surviving as a family with his amazing love, strength he bless us every day with. He is forever my HERO and I will forever be Daddy's little girl. You are amazing father, friend and loving papa to my boys and I. You are there role model and the strong, loving man they want to grow up to be and we love you so much. Happy father’s day, Happy papa day xoxo

Dad, I can't begin to think of a more honourable, kind hearted, or inspiring man. Despite the fatigue, mobility, and other issues from your disease you have never let your Parkinson's get in the way of being a truly amazing father and role model. You embody benevolence and radiate compassion. I couldn't be more privileged or blessed to call you my dad. I love you infinitely. Kelslynn

May 13th, 2012 marked the one year anniversary of my daddy passing away. He was my friend, my advisor, my teacher, and the best daddy a girl could have. At the young age of 67, he passed away. I am thankful that he is no longer suffering but my heart is broken. I know that everyone says they have the best dad, but it was me that truly had the best dad. I will continue to pass on the memories and lessons that he taught me to my son. I love you more Daddy!

Wishing my Daddy a Happy Father's Day!!! I love my Daddy because he takes care of me and plays with me. My Daddy is so special. I love you Daddy! Dari

My dad George Simon was the most caring, loving man in the world. He loved his family, his wife, mother, sister, children, nieces and nephews and grandchildren. He was always there for everyone. When he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and until he passed away, he never complained. He did his best to live his life the best he could, continuing to spend time with his children and grandchildren always with a smile. He lost his brave battle last September. I am devastated and miss him more than I can say. He was the most special person in my life as a child and as an adult. I miss you Daddy and I hope we are all making you proud.

To Anthony Giorgilli from his daughter, Linda Giorgilli Rice:
I have written so much about my father, but on this third Father's Day without him, I will again express what an unbelievable gentle giant he was, and a man who fought his battle with Parkinson's without complaint. Despite his Parkinson's, he was forever concerned at making certain everyone else was doing okay. He had a colorful history, beautiful family, loved everyone and they all loved him. He really was remarkable and was grateful for every bit of his life. He would never have expressed he was disappointed over anything, always displaying his respect for even the smallest of things we so often forget about. So, as I continue to wear his tee shirts (imagining that I might smell just a tinge of him that remains in my imagination), look at his shampoo bottle that still sits in the shower as though he might return to use it, glance at the last razor blade and his shaver trying to recall that last shave I gave him, close my eyes and remember every feature of his face, I will cherish this Father's Day. No doubt I will spill some tears and ache still feeling the loss of him, but at the same time I will smile and thank him for my greatest gift in life. The gift, of course, was him and every bit of love he gave so unconditionally. He also gave me the gift of my continuing advocacy. He will forever live on in the work I try to do, so that no one else must know Parkinson's. I love you, daddy!

My sister called me out on this and told me to write. I'm the reserved one perhaps it's because I get it from my dad. I was 17 when we found out my dad had Parkinson's I’m now 33. My dad was never a Mr. Fix it or a mechanic everything you think of as manly but he is the strongest man I know. I was fortunate enough to witness his true strength when he had D.B.S surgery to those who don't know it's an open brain surgery. He endured 8 hours of being awake while they drilled his brain and filled him with wires. Then he was put under for 3 more hours of battery packs in his shoulder. While he was in surgery I thought to myself why would he do an experimental painful surgery to himself. It's not like it's a cure? Then when the doctor came out to greet us I realized he didn't do it for himself he did it for us. Now that's a great father’s sacrifice. Every day we still have with him is a blessing even if it is the days where he repeats himself or is a little stone faced, on these days I remind myself of all he did for us and all the things he continues to do for us.

To Ronald Halmekangas, from his son Jeff:
My Father Ronald Halmekangas was diagnosed 6 years ago. At that time he was taking care of his wife & soul mate, My Mother". She was suffering from Liver failure, in July of 2011, she lost her battle. My father the persistent fighter finally had to be cared for. With proper med management, along with a caring Nursing staff, he is able to hold his head high. If I could, I would take it away Dad". I love you. Jeff

To Yusuf Bunyamin, from his daughter:
My father Yusuf Bunyamin was diagnosed with PD when he was early 40s. It's been more than 10 years he lives with PD. Although I can see his agony with PD, he never complains and keep easy going as he is. My father is a family man, all of his life is devoted for his wife and his 3 daughters. See him with PD is very heartbreaking for me and family. He took care his family for many years and showering us with his tenderness love, and now is the time for us to take care of him. Nothing else but to see his happiness and give the best as he gave to me. I am proud to be his daughter. Love you father.

To Roger Moore, from his daughters Mary and Carla:
Our Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when he was 70; he is now 82. He exercised every day to minimize the effects of the disease. He was, and still is, quite an inspiration. The best advice he gave was to never take anything for granted- your health, your family, your relationships, your job- because it could all change in a moment’s time. In September of 2011 our Dad entered Hospice and is still fighting. We love you Dad and wish you peace soon. Your daughters, Mary and Carla P.S. Honorable mention goes to our Mom too as she has been dedicated to taking care of Dad all of these years thru good and bad.

To Tom Pajda, from his daughter Tasha:
I love my dad and all that he has done for me. Throughout the past couple years, I've watched his struggle with the beginning stages of Parkinson's and I admire his strength. He is amazing and I'm so lucky to have him as my dad. Love you Dad!

"OX" is a funny nickname but it is an apt nickname for a man who has stubbornly, persistently, and proudly endured and fought against Parkinson's Disease. From the first little changes with a tremor years ago to bigger changes in lifestyle and activities now, my dad and my mom stubbornly continue every activity possible from going on cruises to maintaining a mountain cabin at 9,500 feet! Dad I often tell my patients of your persistence and they are encouraged by all you do. Keep up the fight against this disease no matter what as you are worth it! We love you.(This is a picture of my dad with his first grandson graduating from high school).

He's the fella who moved me halfway across country from Louisville to NYC and helped move my stuff into a tiny Upper West Side apartment, and the guy who taught me to know when to use a 9 iron and when to use a wedge. He carves the turkey at Thanksgiving, he's quick with a joke, and he's just about the most trustworthy person I've ever met. My grandfather has always been an inspiration in my life, and now, seeing him courageously battle Parkinson's has only made my respect for him grow. I'm so blessed to call Bill Shireman my grandpa. Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! You've been gone for almost 20 years and we miss you! I hate that you had to suffer with Parkinson's for so long and I hate what it did to you. I know, though, that you are no longer suffering and that you're enjoying the reward of heaven. Love you! Erin

Dearest Pere you will never know just how much you meant to me. You were the sun, the moon and the stars, you were keeper of my secrets, answered the questions I could not have asked my parents. I miss the way we used to laugh at things, I miss everything about you. The Parkinson's may have broken you down physically, but it never broke your loving spirit. I miss you all the time, I will always need you. One day we will be together again. JeTaime, Robin

My father is my hero. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's a few years back and has faced it with courage and strength. It is very difficult to see my once very active and athletic father struggling to make it down stairways or trying to put on his socks. He has never complained once. I love you dad!

To Albert Davila, from his daughter Maddie Davila:
Dad, To My Father, Albert Davila: This year has been a wild ride for all of us. Given everything you've been through, you continue to be resilient, funny, and positive. You've proven that not even Parkinson’s can stop you. I honestly do not know where I would be without you, Dad. You've done so much for me and the twins... I don't think there is any way I could ever repay you, but I try to every day by trying to be as strong as you. I love you so much Dad! Happy Fathers Day! -Maddie Davila

My dad is more than my hero, he's my best friend. He has dedicated his life to others through being a teacher, coach, and a mentor to an entire community. My father was diagnosed with Parkinson's with tremors starting at 39. He has taught me so much about life, dedication, goal setting, and hard work. My family has struggled with his progressive battle and we hope to make each day as best as we can. This year I am running the NYC Marathon to honor him & help raise money for Team Fox. I created a blog to help express some of my emotions & challenges & stories through words for others to read his inspiring story: http://missyspangler22.blogspot.com Happy Fathers Day Dad. I am truly blessed to get to call you dad each and every day.

To James H. Masonbrink, from his son James H. Masonbrink II:
This is a tribute to my amazing father James H. Masonbrink who is the greatest man I have ever known. As a child and now grown man I couldn't ask for a better dad. We have had so many great times together and I love you so very much for them also. I know things have changed you with Parkinson’s but I don't love you any less -- you are still my wonderful dad and no disease will ever take that away. You still have the same amazing love for mom, me, my children, my wife and all of our family and you amazingly stay positive through the tough times...your strength amazes me and I am a better man for it. I love you dad.

My Father is a former Marine and boxer, who prides himself on being tough. He is fighting PD with my Mother, who also has PD, with the support of our extended family. Happy Father's Day Dad. Keep up the fight.

To my husband and Daddy to Claire (age 10) and Lillie (age 8). His love and devotion to our two little girls is an inspiration! I truly believe that our two girls are the best motivation for him to maintain his positive spirit and zest for life! The girls keep him 'moving.' His devotion as a father helps him to look past his limitations and strive to remain healthy for them! He is involved in all their activities, goes everywhere, does everything, maintains his job! Happy Father's Day to a Parkinson's Dad who never gives up and never lets PD get him down!

Dad, thank you for all you have done for me throughout my life. From teaching me the basics of right and wrong as a child, to teaching me how to be an ethical, hardworking, God loving man, you did it with love, patience, and enough humor to make it fun. I love you more than I'll ever be able to show, but I'll try.

This is to my wonderful husband who is a fabulous father to our 4 kids. He is a testament to strength, courage and perserverance as he battles this disease. He is a warrior and an inspiration to others as he has begun his first step toward DBS Therapy. (He had surgery on 6/14 and we will celebrate Father's Day with a gratefulness that he is with us and on a journey we are happy to take with him.)

My father, Stanley, is the most amazing Dad in the world. He has been the strongest man I know and a rock in my life. He has all the qualities of a "true man" and I'm thankful he's been that example in my life. My Dad has always been there whenever I needed anything. He's taught me that through struggles we must keep going, walk in faith, and trust in GOD. My father has been changing due to this diagnosis and is discovering new things about himself every day. I know its hard but he's a fighter and like other past situations, he'll use this as a way to help others and gain more wisdom. My DAD is the most incredible man I know and I'm so very blessed to have him in my life. I love you Dad always and forever. Love, Ebony

My Father is in the final stage and continues to inspire me. He smiles whenever I walk into the room and always nods yes when asked if he is having a good day. I love you Dad!

my dad is my everything. he fights so hard every day to keep going, he has never given up.thank you for being the best dad and grandfather. love always christine and autumn

My father is one of the most hardworking people I know and has been an inspiration to me my entire life, always encouraging my sister and I to live up to our potential and do our best in everything we do. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

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