Sutapa Kasibhatla


Sutapa Kasibhatla from Ashburn, VA
Nominated herself

Sutapa has been living with Parkinson’s since 2004. She is a blogger and has her own YouTube channel. Below is an excerpt from one of her blogs—for the full entry click here.

I realized that people actually were reading my blogs, that there were people who were watching my videos that I uploaded, and when they started commenting to how something I had written made sense I remember sitting in my chair with tears streaming down my eyes, disbelief as I read the words that someone out there understood what I wanted to say, someone out there who appreciated my effort it was an indescribable feeling. I then realized that in my own small little way I was making a difference, as I grew and learn something with every blog I wrote as I shared my lessons learn with my videos that I did all by myself, as I learned the technology realizing there is so much one can do by themselves, I realized that if I had not taken the first step, if I did not believe in what I want to do it would have been a shame...

Now two years after I started, without spending anything on marketing, just by using the free resources available to me I can say with pride that my videos have been watched all over the world with a very rough estimate 40,000 times, my blogs have been read by more than 35,000 people worldwide ….

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