Sherryl Klingerhofer


Sherryl Klingerhofer from Tillamook, OR
Nominated by Linda Giorgilli Rice

Sherryl Klingerhofer and I met on FB, with the common bond of losing our dads, who both fought Parkinson's disease. Sherryl has been a wonderful source of support for me and I hope vice versa, and we both continually work towards our Parkinson's advocacy.

Sherryl happens to be unique in that, well, I will use her information from her FB page to best describe first her description of her employment: PARKINSONS RESOURCE getting exercise and positive information to people with Parkinson's: on FB, speaking (from experience!) and marketing my PD movement book "What Makes This Parkinson's Program Different?" - still working to expand Parkinson's exercise and resources - working on a second publication.

Now, from her page, a small portion written about Sherryl in her own words: I want to be a resource for those fighting Parkinson's. My experience presenting a brain/body movement workshop at a PD summit was wonderful! I share exercise/movement w/ our local support group and often speak to other groups. Since I can't be at yours, I'm sharing weekly info/exercise---join me!

This is only a portion of information about Sherryl, but she is a remarkable woman, always working to improve and develop great exercise routines for people with Parkinson's. Her attitude is absolutely and completely positive. I think she definitely qualities as a Superstar. She is one in my book anyway and I look forward to our continued friendship and goals in the battle against Parkinson's disease.

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