Risa Pascal


Risa Pascal
Nominated by Dave Cosman

I would like to nominate MISS RISA PASCAL as the "Parkinson's Disease Super Hero".  She is my Super Hero in many ways.

First of all, she is such a capable exercise leader.  Her knowledge of exercises far exceeds any other that I have known.  She is so aware of what exercises & stretches the Parkinson's Community needs. 

She leads our group in a one-hour series each week at the Bonita Community Center twice a week that is so beneficial to each person who attends.  It is a very demanding hour, but, when it's over we all feel so much better and can move so much better.

She is a very caring and compassionate person.  She calls you on your birthday and sings "Happy Birthday" to you, calls you when you are unable to attend to make sure you are all right.  She talks to us about proper nutrition and even brings us healthy snacks such as apples and oranges.

She does a different exercise routine each time so we are always working on different muscles .  Risa brings light weights for each person to use, has music in the background, and gives soft verbal instruction so movemnts flow continuously from one to another.  She even comes up with some unique things to do like taking a stretchy band, and gathering it up with your fingers,  holding a clothes pin and squeezing it between your thumb and each finger to strengthen your fingers and grip or blowing a balloon.

She treats us like family and truly loves each one of us. She even went out of her way and arranged for the East Naples Band to come and serenade us with a wonderful concert on Valentine’s Day.

I know I speak for our entire group when I say how fortunate we are to have her as our exercise leader.

She truly is our SUPER HERO.

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