Priscilla Waugh


Priscilla Waugh from Whitman, MA
Nominated by her son, David Waugh

I would like to nominate my mother, Priscilla Waugh, as a Parkinson’s Superstar. My father, Bruce Waugh, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2005 at the age of 70. His mother was also had Parkinson’s. My mother has had to deal with the onset of my father’s Parkinson’s and his needs over the past seven years. My parents have been married for almost 52 years.

Prior to my father’s onset of Parkinson’s, she has dealt with the needs of her mother in her later years, who moved in with us so she could be looked after. As a caregiver, my mother demonstrated enormous strength and courage to look after the needs of her mother, and later my father.

With her nearest child 25 miles away, she learned through the National Parkinson Foundation about local resources that could help her. She found resources in her community that helped her husband remain active and minimize the effect of Parkinson’s. She found medical professionals who helped evaluate my dad’s condition and recommend changes to his treatment plan. She found respite options that helped her in her role as a caregiver. My father has his good days and bad days. My mother makes a difference every day in the life of the man she and her children love, and for that, Priscilla Waugh is a Parkinson’s Superstar.

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