Peter Dunlap-Shohl


Peter Dunlap-Shohl from Anchorage, AK
Nominated by Janet McVey

It is my pleasure to nominate Peter Dunlap-Shohl as a Parkinson’s Superstar.  Although Peter has had Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease for years, he has managed to live his life with grace and dignity.  In fact, he has managed a life of achievement.  He worked as a successful political cartoonist, is a radio personality, an accomplished musician, writes an award-winning blog about Parkinson’s disease, is a devoted father and a loving husband.  He remains active in his community as a performing artist as well as a visual artist.  In addition, Peter has directed the PD Support group for years in Anchorage.  He is a stellar example to everyone around him of a life well-lived.

Peter has not allowed Parkinson’s disease to limit his achievements.  He learned to use a computer program to continue drawing when the conventional methods became difficult.  He still performs with a musical group.  He hosts a radio show locally.  While the disease makes all of these things more challenging, it does not deter Peter from creating a wonderful life for himself and his family.

Peter is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished with a wonderful attitude and courage.  I cannot think of anyone who more deserves the title of “Superstar” more than Peter Dunlap-Shohl.  The fact that he has accomplished so much while dealing with PD is just that much more remarkable.

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