Maureen Ruble


Maureen Ruble from Emmons, MN
Nominated by Kim Gooden

A Parkinson’s Disease Superstar!
I know a PD Superstar
Who truly deserves this award
For her many tireless efforts
And the hours she has poured
Into bringing together
Caregivers and/or patients
So they can share their stories
And have helpful conversations

She organizes meetings
And notifies the members
Who look forward to this time
January through December
When they can come and gather
One another to support
As they face a cruel illness
That in time their lives will thwart

She strives to bring knowledge
Awareness and hope
To others who need it
As with Parkinson’s they cope
She’s a caregiver herself
Knowing fully and firsthand
The trials and struggles
Of a disease that’s unplanned

This PD Superstar is Maureen Ruble, the wife and caregiver of a Parkinson’s sufferer. She has organized a support group in her community which has an average monthly attendance of 35 people. Since the local medical facility would not assist in organizing this support group, she has spent her own money to send out mailings, make posters, and provide refreshments at meetings. She has contacted medical and legal professionals to speak at the meetings. She maintains a library of resources for people who want more information. She has also been active in raising money for Parkinson’s disease research and support on a statewide level for the past several years. She has made a BIG difference for many people in Albert Lea, Freeborn County, and Minnesota!

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