Martin Ardman


Martin Ardman from Weston, FL
Nominated by Amy Ardman Shea

If you look in a dictionary under the word “superstar,” you are likely to find a picture of Martin Ardman (Marty).   Marty was diagnosed with Parkinsons twelve years ago.  In the early diagnosis years, he had very few physical and mental obstacles.  As the disease progressed, he faced more challenges eventually leading him to undergo Deep Brain Stimulation surgery.
Marty sets an example for all Parkinson’s patients.   He is diligent about staying active.  Marty understands the importance of daily physical and mental exercise.  He walks, works out at the gym, does physical therapy and computer mind exercise programs as much as possible.  

Marty understands the frustrations that come with a Parkinsons diagnosis.  Yet, he maintains a positive outlook on life and makes every effort to live each day to its fullest.  

A cure for Parkinsons is Marty’s hope and dream.  He will do anything he can to make this dream a reality.  He has been a volunteer with the National Parkinson Foundation for over ten years and is on the board for the National Parkinson Foundation Moving Day event.  

Marty is a loving son; husband; father to three daughters and sons-in-law; and grandfather to seven grandchildren.  Although he faces many daily challenges and obstacles with his diagnosis, Marty’s love and support for his family has never waivered.  Marty’s entire family has the utmost respect and love for him.  They all continue to look to him for the solid advice and support he has offered throughout his life.  He is an inspiration to all and a true Superstar.

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