Mark F. Burek


Mark F. Burek from Albany, NY
Nominated by Renee Sterling-Boscoe

My nomination for the National Parkinson's Disease Foundation "Superstar" is retired Senior Chief Petty Officer Mark F. Burek.    Mark served our country and sacrificed all the things we enjoy in our civilian life to defend and protect our country so we may live free.  He faced many battles in his Navy career and once again is fighting another battle as a soldier against Parkinson's disease.

Diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease 4 years ago Mark has faced a new set of challenges and hurdles which he takes on everyday with a positive, hopeful and driven desire so he may be an example to others that life is worth living even with PD.  This drive is proven by his working so very hard as a US Postal worker.  Up early every day regardless of his morning stiffness and slow going he is always determined to get to work and keep going until his day is done.  His courage and determination does not stop after his day is done at work.  He has taken on the challenge of becoming the event director for the 3rd Annual Run4Parkinson's in Albany, NY on April 29th 2012.  Mark has been working diligently everyday after his full time job to organize this event. He once again is giving of his free time to recruit sponsors, volunteers, and planning the events for that big day on April 29th, to raise awareness and to give hope to ALL of us whether we are inflicted with Parkinson's and hoping for a cure or someone who does not have PD.  We are all vulnerable to this disease.  Tomorrow holds no promises that we may not succumb to Parkinson's disease.

Mark is once again sacrificing, unselfishly by bringing attention and awareness to the community of Albany, NY so that one day we ALL will live free of Parkinson's disease.   I can think of no better man for the 2012 NPF Superstar then Mark.  Please accept this nomination from myself and all those hoping for a cure.

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