Lisa Ebb


Lisa Ebb from Washington D.C.
Nominated by Johanna Murphy

Lisa Ebb (PT, MS, NCS) has been a member of MGUH Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for 5.5 years.  Her efforts have led to significant improvements in quality of care and expansion of services for patients with Parkinson’s.   Lisa provides leadership to an outpatient program which involves individualized treatments, MGUH’s Interdisciplinary Movement Disorder Clinic, the LSVT/BIG program and our group exercise class.

Lisa has certainly advocated for the Parkinson’s community.  When cost was a barrier for some potential exercise class participants, Lisa secured a partnership with the National Parkinson’s Foundation in order to offer the class for free.  This has resulted in a significant increase in the number of our participants and has fostered an environment where mutual friendships are developed.

Additionally, Lisa has been instrumental in developing the LSVT/BIG program.  She was one of the first in the area to provide this specialized service and has been able to grow our program to include three certified therapists.   The program’s success is a direct result of Lisa’s vision and passion to offer the highest quality of care to our patients.

Not only does Lisa provide excellent care and programming for this patient population, but she has also been involved with community outreach.  Just recently, Lisa was featured on Fox5 news for her efforts with the exercise class and will soon be participating in an educational video for the American Physical Therapy Association on current concepts in treating patients with Parkinson’s.

Lisa has been and continues to be an asset to our department and her patients.

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