Leonore Gordon


Leonore Gordon from Brooklyn, NY
Nominated by Pamela Quinn

I didn’t even have to think for a second who I would nominate.  Instantaneously her name came forth: LEONORE GORDON.

Let me tell you about her if you don’t already know her.  She is our encyclopedia, our google, our source of referrals, our publicist, our poet, our advocate and our friend.   She is smart, resourceful and indefatigable. She helped manage the care of a PWP dying from cancer whose nurses weren’t delivering her PD meds on time; she helped organize a trip up the Hudson River to see fall foliage, and another trip to a one-woman show; she tells us about upcoming conferences and ways to participate in research. Just yesterday she checked up on a friend who didn’t make it to dance class to make sure she was alright.

She covers all grounds – from the political to the personal. Now, I have to admit, she can be a little pushy. But if she didn’t have that quality, she wouldn’t be as successful as she is in what she does. We all experience the defects of our qualities.  And in her case, her strengths benefit such a large group of people and she offers herself with such big heart that she’s simply the best PD advocate anyone could have.

I know a lot of people in this community.  LEONORE stands out in every respect.

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