Laura Hanf


Laura Hanf from Neptune, NJ
Nominated by her husband Chris Hanf

I would like to nominate my wife, Laura, as a Parkinson's Superstar. She has aggressively battled early onset Parkinson's (47 years old) for the last three years through hard work and a generally positive attitude. She has organized fund raising events for Parkinson's research and participated in various Parkinson's sponsored events. Most importantly, she has helped others with Parkinson's during periods of time when they were in need of physical and/or emotional support. She is there as the shoulder to cry on or the firm inspiration to get moving.

She exudes warmth and caring for everyone she encounters. She has continued to work on her physical conditioning, rides a stationary bike three times per week, and is now looking to begin work with a trainer to learn how to hit a boxing heavy bag. All of this from a person who, until her diagnosis, was very far from athletic. On top of this, she also works and runs a household. She is an inspiration to those with Parkinson's, but more so to those of us without PD for her strength of body, mind and character. It is for these reasons that I respectfully submit Laura Hanf as a Parkinson's Superstar. Thank you for your consideration.

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