Kathy Smith


Kathy Smith from Houston, TX
Nominated by her brother David Hartman

I would like to nominate my sister. She was diagnosed 5.5 years ago at an early age of 43. We have 2 Uncles that had the disease for nearly 20 years each before they died. Instead of her focusing on what will happen, she has taken a very positive attitude in her life. She is an active member in HAPS, participating in their dance classes, going to swimming, and being a part of their meetings. She has raised awareness about Parkinson's with her friends, co-workers, etc.

This past January marked the second year she participated in the 5K walk/run in Houston (part of the Houston marathon) to raise money for HAPS. She is currently part of a clinical trial. As a result of her involvement there, she just returned from a weekend retreat to learn more about clinical trials and how she needs to spread the word to both healthy and Parkinson's patients. She is a loving mother, wife, sister, and daughter to our family. She continues to do a lot for her family and supporting her daughter in all of her ambitions. She is a fighter and she is an inspiration to all of us.

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