James Trussell


James Trussell from Rome, Georgia
Nominated by Michael J. Church

When you think of superstars, you conjure up all kinds of images of modern pop culture icons in music, movies and television, millions of adoring fans and autograph seekers. Too often, we ignore the everyday people in our lives that through their efforts inspire and motivate people to do extraordinary accomplishments that impact society.

One such person is James Trussell. A humble insurance agent by day, James provides for the “what if’s” in life but when he is not insuring against the risks in people’s lives, he is advocating for a community of people living with Parkinson’s Disease. James calls Rome, GA home but his impact and influence spreads well beyond the borders of that little town. President and Founder of the Georgia Parkinson’s Association and Facilitator of the Southeast Parkinson’s Conference, James has the unique talent to pull together top speakers on Parkinson’s Disease, therapeutic vendors, interesting authors and exciting workshops that offer a fun and inviting atmosphere for everyone.  

James is not only a good friend to so many people; he lives with the very disease he advocates for. To him there is no difference between personal and advocacy. For James, it is all personal and he isn’t afraid to say so. He has affected change within his own community, state and on Capitol Hill through his political contacts. Do not call him a superstar; James seeks no recognition, as he will tell you in his humbleness. That is precisely why I am nominating James Trussell, my Parkinson’s superstar.

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