Erin McGee


Erin McGee from St. Paul, MN
Nominated by Jean Patraw

I am nominating Ms. Erin McGee as a Parkinson's Super Star. She is a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist at Bethesda/Healtheast Hospital in St.Paul, Minnesota. Erin is always upbeat and is such a caring individual.

She has brought so many programs to Bethesda Hospital and to the Parkinson's patients and caregivers there. Erin has implemented dance classes, clay classes, tai chi and assorted exercise programs for the Parkinson's patients and caregivers. She is very proactive in finding these programs and getting them implemented in an efficient and friendly manner. Erin also attends these classes.

Erin's husband is deployed in Afghanistan right now. She is newly married and she and her husband attended dance classes with the Parkinson's patients and caregivers. All of the Parkinson's patients and caregivers don't even like it when she goes on vacation. We all want her there with us. She has become a friend to all of us.

Erin goes above and beyond by bringing treats, keeping abreast of Parkinson information and attending funerals for patients. As you can see Erin is definitely a Parkinson Super Star and very loved.

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