Chris Clark

Chris Clark from Bel Air, MD
Nominated by himself

An award winning documentary was made about Chris and Team Tremor:


Also nominated by Ricky Rush

Chris Clark simply put is a humbling and inspiring person. I met him when I was 16 years old, I was just a young kid trying to be a tournament paintball player and he was the captain of one of the best teams in our area. The team was called Tremor and was completely devoted to raising money and awareness for the cure of Parkinson's disease.

I remember day in and day out watching them play wanting to be on the team so badly, simply just to play tournament paintball on a national level. I finally got my opportunity to get on the squad after Chris posted on his myspace about needing players. I messaged him expressing my interest for the team and he told me to meet him the following Sunday at the field to see what I could do.

That entire week I was so nervous and when the day finally came I was ready to show him my skills. It was just Chris and I playing with some of the regulars at the field but every game we played and every drill we ran I was busting my a** just to show him what I was capable of.

After a day of good paintball we were having a conversation when I realized this wasn't just about paintball. I stepped back from the situation and realized what this team meant to Chris. Tremor was built for something far beyond wins and loses on the field. Chris and his wife Karen turned their passion for paintball into a avenue of awareness, and, even more than that, a reminder for Chris that he is still in charge of his life. THAT is what Chris Clark taught me.

Regardless of what happens, regardless of the adversities of life, YOU are always in control. I mean c'mon this guy was standing on top of a wooden table after hours of running, sliding and diving doing the salsa! I almost thought he was a phony! In all seriousness though, Chris has been one of the biggest inspirations in my life and I will always look up to him as nothing less than a Superstar.

Also nominated by T. Plummer

Christopher is a wonderful father and husband, fighting hard to keep his disease at bay. The movement in the paintball community with Team Tremor is an inspiration to others to live life to the fullest, as he is doing! By forming this team he has made people more aware of Parkinson’s and shows that PD affects people of all ages , that their lives don’t have to stop, because they have the disease! So he is my hero!

Also nominated by Khatereh B. Plesnik

Mr. Christopher David Clark has been my friend for about 14 years. He always has been an inspiration and a mentor to me, even before Parkinsons. He has an extraordinary passion for life, and love for the world. He thought me to be a better person, and how to dance. He is an amazing dancer and a teacher. When I found out that he had Parkinson’s, I cried for days, because in my mind, I thought that it was not fair, for a man with so much energy and such an excellent dancer, to have his mobility or balance decreased to this dramatic stage. But Chris showed me how wrong I am, and proved me that Parkinson’s has not only failed to defeat him, but has actually made him a stronger person than he was before, which I never thought that was even possible. Chris has put his passion for life in to a fight for awareness for Parkinson’s, by creating a movement in the Parkinson’s community with Team Tremor, spreading and raising awareness about Parkinson’s and the need for research and a cure. Christopher David Clark is my Superman, and one of the strongest and greatest people that I have ever known, and I am so proud and honored to have him as a friend! I don't see any better Parkinson Superstar candidate than him.

Also nominated by Cheryl Williams

I would like to nominate Christopher Clark as a Parkinson’s Superstar for many different reasons. I have known Christopher since 2000 when I met him and his wife, Karen, while latin dancing with some friends in Baltimore. In 2005, I had the pleasure of attending a close friend’s wedding in Las Vegas, NV with Chris and Karen and got to know both of them on a deeper level.

At that time, Karen and Chris were engaged and Chris had not yet been diagnosed with PD. It wasn’t until shortly after their marriage that Chris and Karen learned of his disease and shared the news with their friends. Since then, I have watched them develop into a loving and devoted couple and proud parents. I have observed with amazement the determination, fortitude and positive attitude that Chris demonstrates, not only as a husband and father, but as a paintball enthusiast, dancer and positive role model.

Although his PD is a daily challenge, Chris does not complain, instead he uses his PD as a platform to inspire and enthuse at every opportunity. Chris strives for a “normal” life and encourages all who know him to live each day to the fullest and be grateful. This world is a better place because of men like Chris and I am honored to know him as a friend and to submit this nomination. Oh…and last, but not least, Chris would be a wonderful and handsome ambassador for the PD organization.

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