Betty Doviak


Betty Doviak from Toms River, NJ
Nominated by her daughter, Kim

To my Mom! What it must be like to have Parkinson’s and care take at the same time as I am sure there are many other spouses in the same situation as you that go unrecognized. You are my superstar, my best friend my role model, my everything.

As I watch you set up the weeks pills for yourself and dad, the counter holds you steady from having yet another fall, your hands tremor as each pill falls into the correct day for dispensing. I glance at your walker next to you; four legged piece of metal keeps you going, able to help you get to the refrigerator so Dad can get his liquids to keep from dehydrating and nourishment. PLEASE Mom no more falls and no more broken bones, please mom let me do that for you. You need to rest.

Your COPD, heart disease, osteoporosis, cellulitis, bad hip replacements, muscular degeneration makes all that you do even more difficult. Yet you never cry, you never complain or get scared you never get depressed. You keep going you keep caring for others yet you are not well yourself. I am your only child and had to deal with endometrial cancer the most of last year. I am so sorry for all the sleepless night that caused you, I will try and take better care of myself. I do not need to add anymore to your load as it is.

I want to be with you as long as possible in our together life time. Thank you for a great upbringing, loving unconditionally and teaching me so much. There are so many out there like you that are selfless and keep on fighting to live on that go unnoticed.

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