Becky Dunlop


Becky Dunlop from Baltimore, MD
Nominated by Zoltan Mari

Becky Dunlop, R.N., has served the Parkinson disease community for over 20 years.  The Coordinator, Research Nurse, and Nurse Educator for the National Parkinson Foundation Center of Excellence at Johns Hopkins University, she has lead one of the most productive PD outreach efforts in NPF’s history.

She has overseen the creation and/or management of over 100 support groups, all which she remains exceptionally involved with.  She has personally helped over 1000 individual PD patients with personal advice, encouragement, practical information, and counsel.  She has consistently worked above and beyond her normal hours and responsibilities, far exceeding anyone I have known in ethics, hard work, while always keeping a cheerful and kind atmosphere. 

She not only helped tremendously patients’ lives directly by being available virtually 24-7, but helped galvanize other providers on our PD care team, including students, other nurses and nursing students, residents, fellows, and faculty members alike; injecting energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism to our already high level care, education, and outreach efforts.  She also contributes by organizing formal teaching courses both for patients/caregivers (e.g. PD 101/201 series and more) as well as providers (e.g. visiting nurse course through the Safra Foundation).

Despite her incredible amount of engagements, she always has time to see a new unscheduled PD patient in clinic when asked.  She has been successful in reaching out to other providers, relating to other centers and physicians’ offices, in an exemplary manner; all ultimately helping the PD community in ways that is impossible to summarize in 250 words. 

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