30 Ways to Honor Caregivers

November is National Family Caregivers Month! Caregivers help and support their loves ones every day; this month, challenge yourself to spend some time each day raising awareness about all they do. To show you just how easy it can be, we've created a month's worth of tips to get you started. Spread the word!

1. Share this page with another caregiver.
2. Read the Caregiver's Blog on NPF's website.
3. Send a free eCard to the caregiver in your life.
4. Download a free copy of Caring and Coping, a booklet written especially for family caregivers.
5. "Like" the National Parkinson Foundation on Facebook.
6. Follow the National Parkinson Foundation on Twitter.
7. Find an NPF chapter in your area.
8. Join a caregivers' support group near you, or start your own!
9. Download the Parkinson's Central smartphone app to access caregiving information on-the-go.
10. Talk to caregivers in our special Caregivers Forum.
11. Visit Parkinson.org to read a personal caregiving story.
12. Share your own caregiving story.
13. Start your own blog.
14. Watch a video about what caregivers need to know about hospital stays and medication regimes.
15. Get a Kit. Know the Facts. Be Aware in Care.
16. Send a letter to your local TV or radio station in praise of the caregiver in your life.
17. Tell a caregiver you admire what they mean to you.
18. Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper, telling them how caregiving has impacted your life.
19. Invite an expert to give a caregiving-related talk at an area library, community center or hospital.
20. Organize a "thank you" event to celebrate the caregivers in your community.
21. Encourage local businesses to offer caregivers a free service in the month of November.
22. Learn to identify and prevent caregiver strain.
23. Learn about the special challenges of caring for someone with PD.
24. Share a local news story about caregiving with others in the Parkinson's community.
25. Share this video of tips for caregivers.
26. Help a caregiver get organized.
27. Sign up to get the latest news in Parkinson's care, research and events.
28. Give a caregiver a night on the town — volunteer to spend an evening with their patient.
29. Share the special caregivers issue of the Parkinson Report with a friend or neighbor.
30. Call our national Helpline today: 1-800-4PD-INFO

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